Attraction Review – Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

The Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop always filled me with fear and I only recently went on it for the first time. Despite being afraid of heights it wasn’t that or dropping sensation, its because a staple of my childhood was seeing these parachuting soldiers caught in overhead wires. UK public safety films had made me terrified of overhead lines and so by transference the little soldiers, their useless parachutes and the certain death of anyone who ever tried to untangle them left me sweaty and panicked when I first saw this ride. The ride dominates the skyline of the Toy Story Playland mini land nestled within the wider Worlds of Pixar area of the park.

Ride Focus Video for POV

10, or so, visits to the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris later and I finally fought back 70s propaganda and jumped on the ride. Usually this ride enjoys 40-60 minute queues, however Extra Magic Time meant I only had a 5 minute wait, another benefit was that I had less chance to back out. Racing through the queue line I was immediately assured, the soldier codenamed Alpha Bravo guarding the ride with his walkie talkie recalled the scenes of Andy’s birthday party from the original Toy Story movie. The rest of the ride station and pre show is filled with the toy soldiers and army regalia. I was surprised to see just how themed the area was, my favourite soldier is the one acting as look out in a high tower, watching over guests safety through green plastic binoculars.

The ride itself is a series of vertical drops with some hang time to give riders a chance to view the park. Cast members assured us that seat two was best for early views of Avengers Campus, but I’d have needed that Soldier’s binoculars to see anything in detail. What we were able to see in more detail was the construction area for the new central walk through and lake. Aside from the ride it is exciting to see the multi year transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park and how the introduction of Avengers Campus, the central lake, the Kingdom of Arendelle and perhaps Batuu will elevate this park into something truly special and immersive.

The ride is smooth and gentle and my fear of heights wasn’t triggered, as you drop you can hear the Toy Soldier Sergeant shouting “Go Go Go!”. I had heard that this ride was scarier than the Tower of Terror and I can confirm that this view is madness, the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop is a gentle up and down, there are no butterflies, stomach churns or airtime. By contrast, the Tower of Terror leaves me out of my seat for most of the ride. If you have nervous child riders, or adults who experienced the same anxieties I did then assure them that despite the camouflage and wartime sounds, this is a tame, comfortable and enjoyable experience. Overall I wish I’d ridden this ride years ago. Scores for the ride are below and a ride focus video of the ride can be found here.   

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